ServerStadium’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution is an easy and secure way for businesses to manage their cloud environment. With VPC, you can create an isolated and secure network while still having the flexibility to manage your network and cloud resources. Our VPC solution provides advanced security features, including protected subnets, access control lists, and network firewalls, ensuring that your data and applications are always secure. With our intuitive control panel interface and flexible pricing options, ServerStadium’s VPC solution is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their cloud management and improve their overall security posture.

The Very Reasons You Need ServerStadium VPC


ServerStadium’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution maximizes security for your cloud environment by creating an isolated network, giving you complete control over who can access and how they use your resources.


ServerStadium’s VPC solution enables businesses to manage their networks and cloud resources, promoting collaboration and communication within different divisions of the company in a secure and efficient manner.


ServerStadium automatically configures all new VM deployments with VPC at no additional cost, providing businesses with an added layer of security and flexibility for their cloud environment.

Multiple Isolated Network

ServerStadium allows you to create up to 8 VPCs in a single region, each with multiple subnets, providing businesses with the flexibility to create isolated networks tailored to their specific needs. Best of all, this can be done at no extra cost within your ServerStadium account.

Access Control List

With ServerStadium’s VPC solution, you have the option to choose whether your subnets are private or public. Access Control Lists (ACLs) also make it easy to manage multiple subnets within your VPC, giving you complete control over your network configuration.

Ingress and Eggress Routing

ServerStadium’s VPC solution allows you to route traffic to and from the internet to specific VMs within your account, giving you greater control over your network traffic and improving overall security.

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