VM Snapshot

ServerStadium’s VM Snapshot solution is a powerful tool for businesses looking to safeguard their valuable infrastructure and prevent data loss. With our Snapshot solution, you can capture the state of your VM at any given moment, preserving the configuration and data of your VM in a single snapshot. This allows you to easily roll back to a previous state in the event of an unexpected incident, ensuring that your infrastructure remains secure and available at all times. Our flexible snapshot options allow you to customize the frequency and retention of your snapshots, giving you greater control over your backup strategy. Trust ServerStadium’s VM Snapshot to provide the protection and peace of mind that your business needs.

How VM Snapshot Benefits You

Prevent Data Loss

ServerStadium’s VM Snapshot solution helps prevent data loss by allowing businesses to capture the state of their VM at any given moment, providing a reliable backup option in the event of an unexpected incident.

Easy Rollback

With ServerStadium’s VM Snapshot solution, businesses can easily rollback to a previous state of their VM.

Increase Productivity

ServerStadium’s VM Snapshot solution helps businesses increase productivity by providing a reliable backup option, allowing for quick and easy recovery of data and applications in the event of an unexpected incident.

ServerStadium VM Snapshot

Can be Useful for

Test Virtual Machine

Develop Current VM Performance

Prevent Lost Caused by Unpredictable Failure

Get Benefits from

Our Useful Features

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Gives security, high availability, and simplicity for your backup experience.

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Load Balancer

Hassle-free to high traffic, distribute to many VM as your worker

DNS Bucket

Manage DNS record easily from DNS Bucket dashboard.


Set up port and server security access based on unique profile for all needs.

IP Management

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Cloud Storage

Scale up your storage capacity anytime to support your growing business.

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