S3-Compatible Cloud Object Storage


Cloud Object Storage

Our S3-compatible object storage solution revolutionizes the way you manage data by treating it as individual objects, rather than relying on traditional file hierarchies or block storage. Each object contains the data, associated metadata, and a globally unique identifier, making data management more efficient and flexible. This innovative storage approach is ideal for handling vast volumes of unstructured data that is written once and accessed infrequently or multiple times, ensuring your data remains organized and easily accessible. Experience the next generation of data storage with our S3-compatible object storage product.

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S3 Compatibility

Store a vast amount of assets with ease. ServerStadium Cloud Storage is S3 API compatible, perfect for any programming project.

Supported by CDN

Content Delivery Network enables you to deliver your assetss faster, safer, and simpler.

HTTPS Protocol

We make sure all access are well-secured with HTTPS protocol.


Create and customize your asset metadata to enhance data accessibility and organization, ensuring a user-friendly experience.


ServerStadium Cloud Storage allows you to scale up and down anytime to suits your storage capacity needs.

Compatible for All Files

Keep all kinds of files from static, media, to backup files inside your buckets.

Highly Redundant

ServerStadium’s cloud storage is constructed using Ceph, ensuring data durability and availability by replicating stored objects across multiple servers in the cluster.

Unlimited Capacity

Experience boundless storage potential with our cloud solution, offering unlimited capacity for all your data needs.

Local Data Center

Leverage the power of our local data center for low-latency access and enhanced data security in your region.

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Stored Fixed Data

Backup and Archieve Data

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VM Instance

Get cloud server with the best performance, flexibly designed based on your business needs in less than a minute.

VM Backup

Simply configure your backup preferences in keeping up the most recent and daily based backup job.

VM Snapshot

Get easy VM Snapshot and fit the required size.


Secure your infrastructure's networking access with Virtual Private Network.

Load Balancer

Hassle-free to high traffic, distribute to many VM as your worker

DNS Bucket

Manage DNS record easily from DNS Bucket dashboard.


Set up port and server security access based on unique profile for all needs.

IP Management

Use more than one IPs without have to change the main address.

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