ServerStadium's Easy-to-Use API for Programmable Solutions


ServerStadium Cloud API

Application programming interface, which is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software.

Effortless Access with ServerStadium's API

An Endpoint for The System

ServerStadium API grants full access and authority over all the features and components on ServerStadium

Set-and-Automated APP builder

Repetitive tasks can be automated through apps development via API.

Tight Authorized Access for Modifications

Every access to execute protocols in ServerStadium API requires access token.

JSON Format Responses

All response data will be translated into JSON for simplified analysis.

Trouble-Free Management

Offered by ServerStadium API

VM Instance

Get cloud server with the best performance, flexibly designed based on your business needs in less than a minute.


Secure your infrastructure's networking access with Virtual Private Network.

Load Balancer

Hassle-free to high traffic, distribute to many VM as your worker

IP Management

Use more than one IPs without have to change the main address.

Cloud Storage

Scale up your storage capacity anytime to support your growing business.

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Generating an API Token

Generating an API key

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