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Maximize Your ServerStadium Cloud Storage Access Speed with Content Delivery Network (CDN)

For you who have been using ServerStadium Storage service (S3 Object Storage from ServerStadium), you may have experienced a slow load when you or your customer try to access the assets (data) inside ServerStadium Cloud Storage from different regions.  

It happens due to the increasing number of hops between your geographical location and the physical location of the data. 

Worry not; ServerStadium will always be committed to improving your experience. 

Introducing CDN (Content Delivery Network) – feature in ServerStadium Cloud Storage to overcome this issue. 

Before we find out a simple way to activate a CDN on ServerStadium Cloud Storage, let’s get acquainted briefly with CDN technology and how it works. 

What is CDN?

CDN is a technology that enables users to have quick access to their assets (data) by caching it from the origin location, to the edge server that is closer to the users geographical location.​

How CDN works?

Let’s see how CDN works to make it easier to understand what it is.

Before the release of CDN, when we wanted to access assets in Object Storage, we needed to access the assets directly from their original region. So if our geographical location is quite far from the physical location of the Object Storage service, the latency and transfer rate will be slower. 

With the presence of CDN in ServerStadium Cloud Storage, the process of accessing assets in ServerStadium Cloud Storage will be different. 

When there is a request to access assets in our Object Storage, the CDN Core controller will catch the request, and determine which edge server (cache server) is closest to the accessor’s location. When it has been determined, the Edge server will caching the assets from the origin location (object storage). After that, the user will access the edge server instead of the origin location. 

How CDN benefits ServerStadium Cloud Storage

With CDN, ServerStadium Cloud Storage unlocks even better potential. Such as:

  • Faster
    CDN brings data closer to users’ regions, enabling users to access their data faster.​
  • Simpler
    Minimize bandwidth cost by reducing and simplifying origin server traffic requests.

CDN Implementation

Okay, let’s implement and use a CDN on ServerStadium Cloud Storage.

The method is also quite straightforward and super simple.

↳ First, log in to your account in the ServerStadium Cloud panel, then access Resources -> Object Storage menu.

The menu to activate CDN can be found when you “create bucket”, or when you want to change the configuration from your existing bucket.

1. Enable the CDN when creating the bucket

↳ Click on Create Bucket.

↳ Enter the name of the bucket, region, and file listing as usual, like when you use Cloud Storage. At the very bottom, there will be a new option whether we want to activate the CDN or not. So to activate the CDN feature, you only need to “check” this option. When you are done, click Create Bucket.

↳ When it is activated, a new CDN Endpoint will be under the URL information. You need to use this endpoint when accessing assets in your ServerStadium Cloud Storage. This endpoint will automatically determine which edge server is closest to the location of the content accessor. 

2. Activating CDN from Existing Bucket

If you already have a bucket but haven’t activated the CDN, you can do the following steps to activate it. 

↳ Click on Action, then click on Enable CDN. Later, a CDN Endpoint will also appear. 

3. Disabling CDN on Existing Bucket

If you want to disable the CDN on a bucket with an active CDN, you can do the following steps.

↳ Click on “Action” then click on “Disable CDN”.

Some things you have to take note about ServerStadium Cloud Storage CDN

  1. At times, ServerStadium Edge Servers are in Seattle, Singapore, and Jakarta.
  2. Edge server caching is 1 hour expired time.
  3. When you delete the assets on the origin location, then the assets will also be automatically deleted on the edge server. 


ServerStadium Cloud Storage is now featured with CDN to help you access your data faster and also help you to reduce bandwidth costs. Now you can deliver your files closer to your users by activating the CDN in ServerStadium Cloud. 

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