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Setting Up Simple Machines Forum (SMF) on ServerStadium


Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free, open-source forum software that allows you to set up your own online community with ease. By hosting SMF on ServerStadium’s infrastructure (VM Pricing, Dedicated Servers), you can benefit from reliable performance and scalability, creating a vibrant and engaging forum for your users.

Setting Up Simple Machines Forum (SMF) on ServerStadium


Step 1: Select and Prepare Your ServerStadium Server

  1. Choose a Server: Opt for a ServerStadium VM or dedicated server that fits the expected traffic and storage requirements for your forum.
  2. Server Setup: Update and upgrade your server:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install LAMP Stack

SMF requires a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP) stack:

  1. Install Apache:

    sudo apt install apache2

  2. Install MySQL/MariaDB:

    sudo apt install mariadb-server
    sudo mysql_secure_installation

  3. Install PHP and Extensions:

    sudo apt install php php-cli php-mysql php-gd php-xml php-mbstring

Step 3: Install and Configure SMF

  1. Download SMF:

    Visit the SMF download page and download the latest version of SMF. Alternatively, you can use wget to download it directly to your server.

    tar -xvzf smf_2-1-4_install.tar.gz

  2. Move SMF to the Web Directory:

    sudo mv SMF2.1.4 /var/www/html/smf

  3. Set Permissions:

    sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/smf

Step 4: Create a Database for SMF

  1. Create a MySQL Database:

    sudo mysql -u root -p
    GRANT ALL ON smf_db.* TO 'smf_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

Step 5: Install SMF

  1. Run the SMF Installer:

    Navigate to http://your_server_ip/smf in your web browser and follow the installation wizard to set up SMF.

Step 6: Customize and Launch Your Forum

  1. Configure SMF Settings:

    Access the SMF administration panel to configure forum settings, themes, user permissions, and more.

  2. Customize Your Forum:

    Personalize your forum to match your community’s identity and requirements.


Your SMF forum is now operational on a ServerStadium server, providing a feature-rich platform for your online community. For additional resources or assistance, visit our knowledge base or contact our support team.

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