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Setting Up phpMyAdmin on ServerStadium for Database Management


phpMyAdmin provides a convenient and intuitive web interface for managing MySQL and MariaDB databases, ideal for those who prefer a graphical interface over command-line operations. Hosting phpMyAdmin on ServerStadium’s robust infrastructure (VM Pricing, Dedicated Servers) enhances your database management capabilities, allowing you to efficiently administer your databases directly through your web browser.

Setting Up phpMyAdmin on ServerStadium


  • A ServerStadium VM or dedicated server (VM Pricing, Dedicated Servers).
  • MySQL or MariaDB installed on the server.
  • Basic knowledge of web server administration.

Step 1: Select and Prepare Your ServerStadium Server

  1. Choose a Server: Opt for a ServerStadium server that aligns with your database management needs.
  2. Server Setup: Connect to your server via SSH and update the system:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install LAMP Stack (If Not Already Installed)

If you haven’t already installed a LAMP stack:

  1. Install Apache:

    sudo apt install apache2

  2. Install MySQL/MariaDB:

    sudo apt install mariadb-server
    sudo mysql_secure_installation

  3. Install PHP:

    sudo apt install php php-mbstring php-zip php-gd php-json php-curl

Step 3: Install and Configure phpMyAdmin

  1. Install phpMyAdmin:

    sudo apt install phpmyadmin

    Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Choose Apache as the web server and configure the database settings for phpMyAdmin.

  2. Enable phpMyAdmin Configuration in Apache:

    sudo ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf-available/phpmyadmin.conf sudo a2enconf phpmyadmin
    sudo systemctl restart apache2

Step 4: Accessing phpMyAdmin

  1. Access phpMyAdmin:

    Navigate to http://your_server_ip/phpmyadmin in your web browser.

  2. Log in to phpMyAdmin:

    Use your MySQL/MariaDB credentials to log in to phpMyAdmin.

Step 5: Manage Databases with phpMyAdmin

  1. Perform Database Operations:

    Use phpMyAdmin’s web interface to manage databases, execute SQL queries, import/export data, and perform various database administration tasks.


Your phpMyAdmin setup on a ServerStadium server is now complete, offering an efficient and user-friendly platform for managing MySQL or MariaDB databases. For further assistance or resources, visit our knowledge base or contact our support team.

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