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Setting Up a Rust Game Server on ServerStadium


Hosting a Rust game server on ServerStadium’s infrastructure (VM Pricing, Dedicated Servers) offers control and flexibility over your gaming environment. This setup allows you to manage player capacity, mods, and server rules, creating a unique gaming experience for you and your community.

Setting Up a Rust Server on ServerStadium


  • A ServerStadium VM or dedicated server (VM Pricing, Dedicated Servers), ideally with a strong CPU and sufficient RAM for optimal gaming performance.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux server administration.

Step 1: Select and Prepare Your ServerStadium Server

  1. Choose a Server: Select a ServerStadium VM or dedicated server based on the expected number of players and server load.
  2. Server Setup:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install SteamCMD

Rust servers are managed through SteamCMD, Valve’s command-line version of Steam:

  1. Install SteamCMD Dependencies:

    sudo apt install lib32gcc-s1 lib32stdc++6

  2. Install SteamCMD:

    mkdir ~/steamcmd && cd ~/steamcmd
    tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

Step 3: Install and Configure Rust Server

  1. Install Rust Server:

    ./ +login anonymous +force_install_dir ~/rust_server +app_update 258550 validate +quit

  2. Configure Rust Server:

    Create a script to start your Rust server with the desired configurations:

    nano ~/rust_server/

    Add the following, modifying parameters as needed:

    ./RustDedicated -batchmode +server.ip your_server_ip +server.port 28015 +server.tickrate 30 +server.hostname "Your Server Name" +server.identity "your_server_identity" +server.maxplayers 100 +server.worldsize 3000 +server.saveinterval 300 +rcon.ip your_server_ip +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password "your_rcon_password"

    Make the script executable:

    chmod +x ~/rust_server/

Step 4: Run the Rust Server

  1. Start the Rust Server:


Step 5: Managing Your Rust Server

  1. Access the Server Console:

    Use the RCON protocol to access the server console for admin tasks.

  2. Maintain and Update Server:

    Regularly update the server through SteamCMD and restart as needed.


Your Rust server is now operational on ServerStadium, ready for players to join and enjoy the game. For more information on server management or assistance, visit our knowledge base or contact our support team.

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