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Setting Up a FreePBX Phone System on ServerStadium


In the fast-paced world of business communications, a reliable and scalable phone system is crucial. FreePBX, an open-source PBX platform, provides a robust solution for managing VoIP services. Hosting FreePBX on ServerStadium’s infrastructure, be it on a dedicated server or a VM (VM Pricing), ensures optimal performance and flexibility. This guide will take you through deploying FreePBX on ServerStadium, catering to your business’s unique communication needs.

Setting Up a FreePBX Phone System on ServerStadium


Step 1: Select and Prepare Your ServerStadium Environment

  1. Choose a Server: Opt for a ServerStadium dedicated server or VM suitable for hosting FreePBX. Consider CPU, RAM, and storage requirements based on your expected call volume and features.
  2. Server Setup: Update and upgrade your ServerStadium environment:

    sudo yum update
    sudo yum upgrade

Step 2: Install FreePBX

  1. Install Dependencies:

    sudo yum install -y wget vim nano tar net-tools sysadmin-manage epel-release
    sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools" sudo yum install lynx tftp-server unixODBC mysql-connector-odbc
    mariadb-server mariadb httpd ncurses-devel libxml2-devel sqlite-devel

  2. Install Asterisk:

    cd /usr/src
    tar xfz asterisk-16-current.tar.gz
    cd asterisk-16*
    make menuselect
    make install
    make config
    systemctl restart asterisk

  3. Download and Install FreePBX:

    cd /usr/src
    tar xfz freepbx-15.0-latest.tgz
    cd freepbx
    ./start_asterisk start
    ./install -n

Step 3: Configure Apache and MariaDB

  1. Set Up Apache and MariaDB:

    systemctl enable httpd
    systemctl start httpd
    systemctl enable mariadb
    systemctl start mariadb

Step 4: Access FreePBX

  1. Access the Web Interface:Navigate to http://your_server_ip to access the FreePBX administration interface and complete the initial setup.

Step 5: Configure VoIP Services

  1. Set Up Extensions and Trunks:Utilize the FreePBX dashboard to configure your VoIP services, including extensions and trunks.

Step 6: Secure Your PBX System

  1. Implement Security Measures:Ensure proper firewall configuration and regular updates for your FreePBX system.


You have successfully set up a FreePBX phone system on a ServerStadium VM or dedicated server, ready to enhance your business’s communication capabilities. For further assistance, check out our knowledge base or contact our support team.

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