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Configuring an SFTP Server on ServerStadium


Setting up an SFTP server on ServerStadium (VM Pricing, Dedicated Servers) ensures a secure method for transferring files. This setup is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals looking to safeguard their file transfers against unauthorized access.

Configuring an SFTP Server on ServerStadium


Step 1: Select and Prepare Your ServerStadium Server

  1. Choose a Server: Opt for a ServerStadium VM or dedicated server based on your file storage and transfer needs.
  2. Server Setup:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

Step 2: Install and Configure SSH Server

SFTP is part of the SSH server, which is typically installed by default:

  1. Install OpenSSH Server (if not already installed):

    sudo apt install openssh-server

  2. Configure SSH for SFTP:

    Edit the SSH configuration file:

    sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    Ensure the following line is present and uncommented:

    Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server

Step 3: Create a User for SFTP

  1. Add a New User for SFTP:

    sudo adduser sftpuser

    Follow the prompts to set up the new user.

  2. Assign a Directory for SFTP User:

    Set up a directory for the SFTP user and restrict permissions:

    sudo mkdir -p /home/sftpuser/files
    sudo chown sftpuser:sftpuser /home/sftpuser/files
    sudo chmod 700 /home/sftpuser/files

Step 4: Restrict SFTP User Access

  1. Restrict SFTP User:

    Modify the SSH configuration to restrict the SFTP user to their directory:

    sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    Add the following at the end of the file:

    Match User sftpuser
    ForceCommand internal-sftp
    PasswordAuthentication yes
    ChrootDirectory /home/sftpuser
    PermitTunnel no
    AllowAgentForwarding no
    AllowTcpForwarding no
    X11Forwarding no

  2. Restart SSH Service:

    sudo systemctl restart sshd

Step 5: Accessing the SFTP Server

  1. Connect to SFTP:

    Use an SFTP client with the following details:

    • Host: your_server_ip
    • Username: sftpuser
    • Password: The password you set for sftpuser

    The connection will be on the default SSH port (22).


Your SFTP server is now ready on ServerStadium, offering a secure method for transferring files. For additional support or resources, visit our knowledge base or contact our support team.

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